September Mission of the Month:

Mission Mexico International

Established in 1991, Mission Mexico International (MMI) is a Lutheran ministry born out of a vision from Enrique Estrada and Community of Joy, Phoenix, AZ. With its base of operations in Minnesota, MMI has grown to four congregations serving Monterrey, nearby suburbs and the border areas of Northeast Mexico.

MMI exists to bring the Good News of Salvation to the people of Mexico with the Lutheran perspective in the power of the Holy Spirit, so they may experience the try love of God through Christ.

The goal is to establish and grow Lutheran congregations in and around the Monterrey area, and as God leads, outward to Northeast Mexico and beyond. Our desire is that each new congregation become:

an agency of God’s Salvation

a congregation focused on faith, not societal standards

a prophetic voice to proclaim Jesus as Savior to the world

a congregation that respects the principals of scripture and the purity of Lutheran doctrine

a congregation that lives a Christ-like existence with guidance by the Holy Spirit.

There is great risk in the ministry that they are doing. There has been an increase of corruption to the point that the people cannot take problem such as kidnapping, beating, shootings, to the police, because many of the police are involved with the drug cartel. Yet in the midst of the threats there is significant growth in MMI's ministry outreach.

Pastor Enrique Estrada had been training and assisting in the development of the churches of MMI. Pastor Enrique is pastor of Spirit of Joy in Monterrey, Pastor Juan Vazquez is at Spirit of Faith in Pueblo Nuevo, Pastor Perla Macias is working with an outreach to children in the midst of a drug cartel controlled area around Monterrey called Apodaca. The church growing out of this work is called Mighty Fortress. There is also a work in Rio Bravo where Pastor Victor guides the church Good Shepherd.

For more information on this ministry follow their website at and

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