April Mission(s) of the Month:

The season of Lent and also April will provide us with wonderful opportunites to show our gratitude to God for the love He has for us.  His great, sacrificial plan to provide for eternity with Him is remembered and acknowledged with the season of Lent.  During this time, it has been the tradition at Zion to use a COIN FOLDER (provided on the table across from the Chapel and on the shelf outside the Church office).  The money collected in the coin folders support Haiti's Children.

IN ADDITION, because of our wopnderful connection with Re. John Rutsindintwarane we have the chance to connect personally with the people of Rwanda that he works with.  Our financial support has helped them to build a health center in Mumeya as was as a store, which provides for their needs.  Also, Pr John has been invited to empower the population of Nyange as they move forward.  Leadership has been trained to gather data on what the most pressing needs are.  The vast majority of the population is vulnerable women, mostly widows are war, genocide and abandonment, who are being taught to bake roofing tiles for their homes and also for others. On the 18th of March in 1997, high school students from Nyange were massacred by extremist interahamwe for their refusal to be separated along ethnic lines.  This community lives with that legacy,  Honoring these your Christian heros by supporting Nyange and other Rwandan communities to empower themselves to be good citizens, faithful to God regardless of faith and ethnic background is a profound and on-going support for the ministry work being done in Rwanda.  Use the Mission Envelope for this purpose.

Many in the congregation also use a COIN CAN located in the basket near the Coin Folders.  This year, monies will be used to support the school run by Rev. Rutsindintwarane's wife, Robin.

 Zion Missions connects the congregation with local and global needs as we share in the love of God for the neighbor near and far.

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