The mission for October is Voice of the Martyrs. A martyr is a Christian who is persecuted for believing in Jesus. Around the world faithful believers suffer the loss of homes and possessions, health, family and even their very lives. We in America are very blessed to be able to worship and speak the name of Jesus freely. Others are not so fortunate. Voice of the Martyrs supports those with needs we cannot even imagine.
Voice of the Martyrs also has distributed more than 4 million Bibles to persecuted believers since 2004 and has responded to persecuted Christians who request Bibles and are willing to face the consequences if caught with them.

Christians who live in America don't have to face the consequences for believing in Jesus or carrying a Bible. We have that freedom. Pastor Knoll has encouraged and challenged us to bring our Bibles to church for the scripture and Gospel readings. So let's take Pastor Knoll up on his challenge by bringing our Bibles to church and use the freedom that we take for granted.

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