May Mission of the Month: The Lutheran Church of South Sudan

The Lutheran Church of South Sudan is a sister church of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, the church body of which Zion Lutheran Church of Oshkosh is a charter member. Both the LCSS and the LCMC are rooted in the faith delivered once and for all to the saints, and in the Reformation, and in historic statements of belief such as the Augsburg Confession and the Large and Small Catechisms of Luther.

Last year Rev. Jordan Long, the president of LCSS, who is also the president of Trinity Lutheran Seminary and College in Gambella, Ethiopia, came and visited Zion. He participated in our 9:30 am Sunday service and in our Sunday afternoon service which gathers up a dozen South Sudanese families who have chosen to make Zion their spiritual home. Jordan, like many South Sudanese, knows what it is like to lose everything in a civil war, not once but often more than once, as repeated attempts are made to put the motherland on a firm foundation.

In the midst of hardship and uncertainty, South Sudanese Lutheran congregations continue to multiply and flourish. In places like the Gambella region of Ethiopia, the northern reaches of Uganda, a vast swath of Kenya, and in South Sudan itself, a mission field awaits. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. More than 50 congregations are now in existence. 50 South Sudanese men and women are currently in training to become pastors at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Ethiopia, where Pastor John goes to teach Hebrew in July. Others are in training in the United States and in Kenya.

Please consider making a gift to Zion Lutheran Church with “South Sudan” as the designation. $50 a month is enough to support a pastor and his family in Africa as she or he ministers to others who very often have lost their homes and almost everything they hold dear. When I visited South Sudanese refugee congregations in Ethiopia last summer I was in awe of the grace under fire that I saw everywhere I looked.

 Zion Missions connects the congregation with local and global needs as we share in the love of God for the neighbor near and far.

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