Greetings in Christ!

We come up on a new church year and the season of Advent. Anticipation for the coming of the King! Our children and grand-children anticipate other gifts, and this is ok. They will learn as they grow what the meaning of Christmas is. They will understand the gift we are given on Christmas Eve, that we open and appreciate Christmas Day and that we kneel before on Good Friday, and praise eternally beginning on Easter is the greatest of all possible gifts. Nothing created by man can compare in any way, shape or form.

This gift of the Christ child is a gift that only God can give us. His gift is the key that unlocks forgiveness! His gift does much more than just provide salvation. His gift provides a calm in the storms of life. His gift provides peace in the midst of great calamity. His gift is the gift of victory over life’s darkness and it breaks the bonds of our captivity. This is why I have been doing the Bible studies of Victory Over the Darkness and Bondage Breaker over and over again. We as Christians need to be living our lives as God wants us to live them. This doesn’t mean that we survive life’s troubles, it means that we thrive in the midst of those troubles. It doesn’t mean that we muddle through, it means that we shine for all to see and proclaim to anyone who will hear, just what He has done for us. God wants us to be free from the fears that grip us, the anxiety and depression that surrounds us. He wants us to live life abundantly. This is why He gave us the gift of His child on Christmas. His child was the only one who could do the work necessary for us to live our lives abundantly.

Christ lived like you and I do. Christ ministered to anyone and everyone. He had compassion on those who He came into contact with. He marveled at the great faith of the Centurion and became angry at the lack of faith of the elite of His society. Christ died a horrible, sadistic death on the cross and then rose again so that we too might rise from death to life. We are a part of the Body of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 28, Jesus tells us that “…all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”. Since all authority has been given to Christ and we are in His body, we have authority, in Jesus name, over EVERYTHING! This is the greatest of all possible gifts. I would love to help you to unwrap it. Please contact me about taking a few hours to find the freedom Jesus has given you.


Go with God,

Pastor RitchieBACK

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