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It is the month of August, named after, perhaps the greatest of Rome’s Emperors, Caesar Augustus. Augustus was the Emperor at the time of Christ’s birth. Rome ruled from the Nile to the forests of what is now Germany; from the Holy Land to the island of what is now England. Augustus wanted to rule more, so he sent 3 Legions of men into the forests of Germany. They were wiped out by the German tribes, out of approximately 25,000 troops, a handful made it back to Roman ruled land. These same tribesmen, who were so fierce in war, would be the ancestors of those who would fight Rome in another time, in another way. A descendant of these tribesmen was named Martin Luther. Luther would lead what became known as the Protestant Reformation. He, and his followers would fight Rome and its power every bit as fiercely as their ancestors fought Rome’s legions 1500 years earlier.

Martin Luther believed and taught the Supremacy of Scripture. The Supremacy of Scripture means that nothing on earth is as important, or as truthful as the Scriptures God has given us to learn from and that when there is conflict, Scripture has the final word on what is correct. The church of his day, taught that church tradition was every bit as important as the Scriptures are; Rome also taught many other things that are simply not correct. Luther did not agree with these teachings and eventually, he broke with Rome. The slogan that resonated with people of Luther’s day, and still resonates today is, “Sola Fide, Sola Gracie, Sola Scriptura”, which means, “Faith Alone, through Grace Alone, by the Word Alone.”

This battle with false teachings is something which will go on until Jesus returns to the earth. Satan doesn’t want to give up his hold on anyone so he will fight to the end. Scripture tells us that in the end times (and I believe we are in the end times), there will be many false teachers seeking to lead believers astray. We must be aware of this and take efforts to ensure that we are not misled. A part of what I preached on earlier this month was about Satan’s best weapon against the faithful is deception. If we are deceived, by definition we are unaware of the lie being told to us. The only way to avoid falling to the deception of false teachers is if we know the Word of God. “Sola Fide, Sola Gracie, Sola Scriptura.” We have faith only through God’s Grace and only by knowing His Word.

Go with God,

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