Greetings in Christ!

We have some new things going on; Zion is sponsoring short-term mission teams to Haiti and to Thailand. Most of us have never done anything like this before, but have always wanted to.

I am looking forward to this trip. God has put it on my heart to spread His word to those who do not know it, or maybe don’t understand it correctly. You may have picked up on it in the prayers of the church, but I regularly pray for God to show those of us in the church anywhere we are in error in our teaching and preaching. As a minister, this is something I take very seriously. I do not want to ever be responsible for giving someone bad information as it relates to God’s Kingdom. Part of this prayer requires us to be willing to point out errors that others may be making, to do so in love.

The island of Haiti is mostly Roman Catholic, but it is heavily influenced with voodoo. Even the Priests tend to be believers in voodoo. Last year, Gladys Mungo visited Zion and told us that Haiti is considered to be the world’s only 4th World Nation. That tells us it is incredibly poor and rife with corruption. It sounds to me like Satan has a lot of authority in Haiti. Scripture tells us in Matthew 28 “…All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” If Jesus has all authority, then how much does Satan have? Answer: none. We need to help Haitians to see this.

I will be giving a sermon while we are down there on Sunday the 6th. Please pray for me and for the other missionaries who will be with me that we will reach people for God’s Kingdom, that His truth will be understood and that Satan’s perceived authority over these people will be broken. I say it is “perceived authority” because it is not real, but these people are believing it is real. It is very similar to what happened in some areas of the American south right after the Civil War. In some areas, the former slaves were not told that they were free, so they continued to believe they were still slaves. Because they believed they were still in bondage, they continued to behave as slaves. It is a fact that our behaviors follow our beliefs. As long as the people of Haiti believe voodoo (read Satan) has authority in their lives, it does. It is not until these people believe they are free from voodoo that they will begin to live their lives as Christ wants them to live. It is not until they believe in the freedom that Christ provides that they will give up worshipping Satan and his minions.

On behalf of myself, and the others, we ask for your prayers that we will reach people for His kingdom and that we will be kept safe.


Go with God,

Pastor RitchieBACK

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