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The end of summer is here. The calendar says it is now Autumn, but we live in Wisconsin. We know we really only have two seasons, Winter and road construction. You’ve all heard that joke before 😊. The truth is, we are blessed here to have all 4 seasons. We are given a warm, beautiful, green springtime, a warm (sometimes HOT/HUMID) summer, a beautiful fall season with all sorts of colors, and of course winter. It is amazing to me the different reactions I get when I greet people coming into church on Sunday mornings or Saturday nights. One person will say “it’s too hot, (cold, etc.)”, the next “it’s too windy” the next “isn’t it beautiful”. I sometimes think we might be in a Goldilocks movie!

As I sit to write this newsletter article, I am struck by our complaining about the weather and our little inconveniences and I compare it with what North Carolina is enduring right now in relation to Hurricane Florence. A school in North Carolina released a video as the storm was approaching. They are singing a song currently popular on Contemporary Christian radio, called “Eye of the Storm”. The words in the refrain are: “You remain in control in the middle of the storm, you guard my soul. You alone are the anchor; when my sails are torn, your love surrounds me, in the eye of the storm.” We all have storms in our lives; sometimes they are real storms such as Hurricane Florence, other times they are real storms of our own design. Jesus is our anchor and he will always hold fast to us, no matter how big the storm is, no matter what mistakes we have made, no matter what. When the storm clears, Jesus is still there. He might not appear to take a front row seat at that particular moment, but he is always there.

I am sure most of you have seen one of my favorite stories, “Footprints”. It is about a man who dies and then looks back on his lifetime and sees all the times that Jesus was walking alongside him. The man realizes these were the best times of his life, then he looks closely at the stormy times and sees only one set of tracks. When he questions Jesus about this, the reply is, “Those are the times I carried you.”

Jesus is there during the good times, he is our anchor in our storms and he carries us when we cannot go on. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.


Go with God,

Pastor RitchieBACK

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