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May! The refreshment of spring after winter! After the cold of winter it is nice to have the warming and greening of spring. In May as things grow and green we celebrate our Mothers, we remember our warriors, and those who have serve for our freedoms. We also move into a different way of being than in the winter. The greening of our world reflects the resurrected life we have in Jesus. As much as some may love winter, there is a lightening of the heart to see the green and flowering spring. Another celebration of May is the ascension of our Lord! This is a celebration of a whole other level of newness of life and freedom won. It is the sure and growing action of God to bring all of creation to that day when Paradise is renewed, starting with the Lord of Life, and moving to fulfill the promise of God to make all things new, including us! The resurrection of Jesus brings eternal life to that day He rose from the grave, and to our day for now to eternity! ....



Greetings in Christ!

I have had the gift of seeing new believers and the joy and wonder that lights up their faces. Something I have not yet had the opportunity to see is the actual moment when someone comes to faith in Jesus Christ.

At the time of this writing, it is Easter Monday, the day after we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord. I had a conversation with one of my coworkers within the JRM family earlier this morning. At the church he attends, they traditionally do baptisms at their Easter services. After the baptisms the Pastor was led to see if anyone else was interested in being baptized at that time. Five people came forward. Four of these people had already been baptized so it amounted to a reaffirmation of their baptisms. The fifth person was a Muslim from Iraq. His mother in law is a member of this particular church and as he started to ....


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