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Jesus is risen! He lives! April 1st we celebrated and remembered the fact that our Lord rose from death, and calls us to follow Him in His eternal living. We are called and invited to be alive to God in Christ Jesus! The possibilities are astounding to consider. What this means for daily life now is hope and joy. What it means for our future is eternal Paradise. Isn't this something worth exploring, digging into, and experiencing? Consider what God has done for us!

We celebrate the most eternally impacting week, culminating with the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. These days we are in are the days of the end times, the last days of the age of mortality. The last days before Jesus returns as King of all. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is unprecedented good news. The fact that Jesus lived and died for the redemption of us from sin and death is hard to wrap our minds around. Yet that is the beginning of God's desire for us......



Greetings in Christ!

At the time of this writing, I have just served on the men’s Via de Cristo team. As always when I have the opportunity to serve God’s people I am on a high. Some of you have attended one of these weekends and you know it is a mountaintop experience.

God’s love is not a mountaintop, it never ends and it never changes. It is our ability to feel this love which changes. This is a Thursday morning and Thursdays are the day garbage is picked up where I live. One of my pet peeves is when things are not put back when we are done with them. I had the garbage can out last night because they come very early to pick them up where I live. This morning, the can had been emptied, and instead of it being put back where it was (next to the driveway on the grass) when they picked it up, it was left in the driveway. I had to drive around the garbage can to leave for work this morning. The more I thought about it, ....


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