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Family and home are defined a lot of ways, with varied emotions, based on peoples experience. Every family has a father. Not all men that have had children could be called fathers. “Our Father,” the start of the prayer said around the world, gives the thirst of our soul what it longs for. Jesus told us to pray in this way. Many have prayed this pray, and any are invited to pray it because of Jesus’ redemption of the world. Our Father, God, the source of all life. No one has life apart from what God has given. All life has its source and beginning in God’s Word (see John’s Gospel, chapter 1). Given that God is our Father, and Jesus calls us to be His family, we are a large and diverse family. God is redeeming His family, and we are a part of the Family of God in our Christ, God Who Saves, Jesus. This truth is not determined by anyone's thoughts, knowledge, wealth, influence, or power. No person makes truth. God alone determines what was, and is, and is to come....



Greetings in Christ!

September: The weather begins to cool down, leaves begin to turn color, school ramps up, we become busier with inside activities. Among the options for inside activities are Bible Studies and small group meetings. You have all heard about Bible Studies, and hopefully, you are participating in one or more. What are small groups? If you look at the Zion calendar each month, you would see VDC (Via de Cristo) Small Groups listed. Although these were started as a way of maintaining the excitement people experience when they return from a VDC weekend, they are open to anyone who wishes to participate. You do not need to have attended a VDC weekend to join one of our small groups.

What happens in a small group? Good question. We try to reinforce concepts in our spiritual growth learned during a VDC weekend. These concepts are very simple, we have a three-pronged ......


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