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September 2017 and hope. People are ranting and raving about many things. Condemnation is flowing through the internet for anything and everything, and there are many horrific things being done. Most of it is not in your hands or mine. There is a shortage of expressions of hope. The relationships around us though are in our hands. How we speak and act where we live are in our hands. What we say and write is ours. The ability to love those around us who friends or enemies (depending on the day may be the same person) Jesus gives us. The world echoes with the shouts of the accuser. We can speak the words of the Redeemer....  



Greetings in Christ!

September. A beautiful month; trees begin to change colors; school begins; we restart Bible Studies. The warm summer months are pretty much gone. Vacations are probably done for the year.

At Zion, Pastor Knoll has returned from sabbatical. I want to thank all of you for your prayers for him and his family during this time. The idea of a sabbatical is not only for time to delve deeply into an area of responsibility which needs more study and planning, but also for recharging the internal batteries and recuperation of the soul. I thank God, He granted this time to Pastor Knoll....


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