Zion has a magnificent sanctuary and chapel in which to worship.  The building and grounds are well-suited to classes, small groups, meals, and recreational activities.  At the same time, if a congregation's outreach is strong she will pursue ministry offsite.  That is why we have a food panty, a thrift store, and a daycare, all offsite.  It is why I lead a Bible Study at tehe 20th ave YMCA.  We are "sent out" as were the first disciples.  That means ministering to people wherever they may be.


We held a lock-in at the downtown YMCA for families and children of refugee background who attend the public schools in Oshkosh on February 9th.  It was a joy to feed and watch over fifty children and adults make use of the newly renovated downtown YMCA between 6 pm and 1 am on a Friday evening.


A great big thank you to the Lourdes Academy Rotary Club and His House campus ministry with whom we partnered in order to welcome children and families into our lives on a cold winter's night.  A great big thank yo to the YMCA staff, patient as always with kids who love to explore and to test boundaries.  A great big thank you to Jim and Connie Hoeft and Cousins Subs for providing food.


On many Saturday afternoons, youth ministry takes the form of a few hours of activity with a group of girls or boys.  On the thrid Saturday of February, it was boys' night out.  That meant watching some of the boys play basketball and then having them serve a meal to the homeless.  "I was hungry, and you fed me."  A great big thank you to the Day by Day Warming Shelter staff and volunteers.  What an amazing crew!  Best of all:  the guest themselves, who welcome the kids I bring with sincere appreciation.  A great big thank you to Ding Ding who attends our Sunday afternoon service. He helped supervise.


The morning of the first Sunday in Lent was beautiful.  We had five baptisms at ion.  Cedrique and Darson and Nadia and Happiness Devine, four of Silvia's five children.  It was very special to participate in the baptism of Rebecca, one of Abuk Atak's five children.


It's about building others up.  It's the opposite of tearing others down.  It's about showing love and respect.



See you in church!

Pastor John Hobbins

Youth and Family Ministries



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