Impressions    (By Pr. John Hobbins)

Impressions What fun we had at Vacation Bible School this August!


Food and Fellowship, Worship, Recreation, Crafts, Music, and Bible Study, with many cultures and languages represented: those were the ingredients of a fabulous time at Zion.


The goal was to involve 20 adults in hosting an event for 40-50 children. We reached our goals. Over the course of 4 evenings, 51 children and 24 adults participated. The Chapel was pretty much filled to capacity during worship time.


A joy and a challenge: the large number of middle schoolers who participated. This age group frightens many adults, since they know so little and know so much at the same time.


Middle schoolers are hungry and thirsty for everything, for the things of God as well. Many of us are able to date our first encounter with the living Christ to our middle school years.


We are to preach Christ crucified in and out of season. It is always the right time to call upon the Lord and surrender one’s life to Him. In terms of surrendering one’s life to someone, good or bad, the middle school and high school years are “in season.” The direction of a person’s life is often determined in the middle school years.


The harvest is great. The Gospel resonates with the young who are trying to figure out who they are. It resonates with the old who look back and realize that God indeed was their hope and strength in times of need.


The Gospel has a great proven track record of joining people together to be salt and light. We saw that at our Vacation Bible School. At the same time, the world is full of kids and families who are like sheep without a shepherd. We are called by one Lord and Savior to minister to all.


Here at Zion, I look forward to continuing to serve as pastor of youth and families, and as oversight pastor of one of our weekly worship services, the Sunday afternoon service which sees the participation of many families of South Sudanese heritage.


I look forward to providing leadership and putting together a team of helpers so that we will have a vibrant set of ministries to and with children, youth, and families in the Fall and beyond.


John Hobbins, Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries


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